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Big Book News!

Parenting_with_PTSD_postcardWe have some big news to share! In the past year we have gotten a greater understanding of who we want to reach with this book, and with that in mind we will be re-releasing the book with some additional content, more resources, and a new title. As of June 2017, Trigger Points will become Parenting With PTSD. We hope that the new title, combined with an awareness raising campaign, will help us connect with more survivor parents who need us.

We will be filming a book trailer, re-vamping the website, and creating new social media accounts over the next few weeks. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram and sign up on our newsletter through the form below to keep up to date! We will have a free book day when the book is released, and if you want to make sure you don’t miss out, the newsletter is the best option for that.


2 thoughts on “Big Book News!

  1. I would love to share my story and my thoughts… if you are interested in another story, let me know and I will email you both the paper that I wrote in college (the realities of rape) as well as my take on how it has affected my parenting. Thanks.


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